BINFORD is a heavy rock band on the verge of triggering a revolution!

The band started in 2011 after Rydell broke up and the remaining members were not ready to give up on the chemistry they had going together. They were soon joined by others who matched the sound of the band so perfectly, everything finally fell into place.

All members include their influences to bring out a style boasting the most powerful and hard-hitting rock anthems of today! This results in a band who is proudly waving the flag of hard rock, and injecting it with shots of heavy metal, stoner and southern rock, or as they like to call it: “Progressive Stoner”.

“…the songs are uplifting with full of explosive interesting riffs and catchy melodies.”

BINFORD blatantly borrows classic riffs from the legends, updated and modernized to today’s standards. History is repeated and while the music will have listeners diving into their memories for where the riffs originated, there is no denying the strength of the material, or their highly addictive energy when they hit the stage.

They have released their first album, simply titled “BINFORD” in 2013.

“This self-titled album gives that impression that the band doesn’t take no shit.”

From the opening bars of their show and until the lights go out, BINFORD is nothing less than a well-oiled machine. Serving blow after blow with future anthems like ‘Overdrive’, ‘Subterfuge’ and ‘Black Friday’.

“”Subterfuge” is a high energy beauty, with melody once again front and center, delivered exquisitely by the band’s superb instrumentation of power and brilliance.”

Targeting fans who understand that rock ‘n roll is best enjoyed when it’s loud and heavy, BINFORD is as ready as they’ll ever be to take on the world!

“Binford’s just a really good rock band that deserves at least more national fame.”